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What is a sales funnel?
Imagine a real world funnel. At the top some substance is poured in, which filters down toward one finite destination. 
In sales, something similar occurs. 

In marketing automation, the sales funnel is a multi-step, multi-modality process that moves prospective browers into buyers. We say multi-step because lots must occur between the time that a prospect is aware enough to enter the funnel, to the time when they take action and successfully complete the purchase. 
Only a few spots remaining - Limited Time Offer
Not all sales Leads are created equal
The truth is most prospects will not buy from your website at first glance, it takes time. Especially if they are only becoming aware of you today. With a funnel, a multi-modality process, a relationship building experiences "touches" occur through several stages. 

Buyer psychology!  We all know there is a psychological process that must occur for a prospect to whip out their credit cards.
Only a few spots remaining - Limited Time Offer
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Happy Insane Funnel Program Client
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